Will The Oakland A’s Ever Get A New Stadium?

Will The Oakland A’s Ever Get A New Stadium?


OAKLAND, CA — The A’s have in somewhat of the term been the step child to the Bay Area in terms of getting a new stadium approved; along with the Oakland Raiders who share a stadium and are in the same exact predicament.

The technology that teams have no days could potentially allow both the Raiders and A’s to share a NEW playing field but have separate fields themselves to roll in and out much like the Arizona Cardinals have with their retractable field.

I’m not certain that either owner has explored this option but it would give them an advantage if they combined their efforts. The Oakland A’s most recent proposal was a waterfront stadium along the bay in July.

Other possibilities have included the A’s moving to San Jose. However, right now the San Francisco Giants would have to rescind the rights for a pro team in Santa Clara County.

Regardless, both the A’s and the Raiders would love to stay in the Bay Area and the A’s most likely are going to no matter what. The Raiders on the other hand could very well wind up playing in Los Angeles once again.

The A’s revenue would change monumentally should they be able to eventually find a spot to build. There are so many politics that effect the possibility though that continue to hinder ownership in getting it done. It’s quite conceivable that the A’s start spending more on their team and bringing players in once they have a deal in place for a stadium to be built. As things stand now, they are playing in one of, if not thee most dumpy stadium in all of baseball.

The water front proposals plans look to theoretically mimic the San Francisco Giants’ AT&T Park across the bay allowing players to smash homeruns over the right field wall in to the ocean for a splash hit. Baseball is very much a copy cat league and what works, works well. If the Giants have had so much success in what they have done, there is no reason to think that the Oakland A’s could not harness some of these ideas and put them in to play.

If all else fails, the A’s have thought about building a new stadium on the property that the current coliseum is on now. It is not the most ideal, but at least they’d have a new stadium.

Eventually, once all the political issues are worked though, the A’s will be playing somewhere different. It’s not a matter of if now, it is a matter of when.