We Are Not Entertained

We Are Not Entertained


I’m a Warriors fan. I have been ever since I went to my first game at Oracle way back in 2008. I could care less about basketball before then, but I had so much fun that night that the Warriors quickly became my second favorite team behind the Giants. I knew their history of being terrible and just listened to my buddy razz me about my team while his Lakers performed near the top of the league for years. I have also always considered myself a fan of the game first, and a team second. With that caveat…can we get a close game for once!?

The Warriors found a way to fight their way into the Finals, while Lebron and the Cavs coasted through the East and were waiting for the Warriors. Game 1 in Oakland saw Golden State blow Cleveland out 104-89 and it wasn’t that close. The Warriors quickly realized Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving have never heard of defense and attempted to take advantage with the “Splash Brothers”. When that didn’t work, Shaun Livingston and his bench unit obliterated the Cavs’ backups with Livingston leading the Warriors in scoring with 20 points.

Game 2 was another blowout going in favor of the Warriors 110-77. Curry and Thompson again had off nights, but Draymond Green picked up the slack scoring 28 and the bench unit again came in and wrecked shop. This combined with awful shooting from Kyrie and Kevin Love before his injury, and Lebron having a rare off night made it seem like this would be a quick series. James didn’t even play in the fourth quarter and the game was so lopsided it looked as if the Cavs had simply given up and were thinking about next season. In fact, a buddy I was watching the game with asked if I thought the Warriors would sweep, and got visibly confused when I said I didn’t think so.

Lebron and co proved me right on Wednesday night when the blowouts switched benches and saw the Cavs route Golden State 120-90. It’s odd to say it, but the game wasn’t even as close as that 30 point difference. Lebron showed why he’s still the best player in the game, dropping 32 on route to a triple double. The Cavs dominated basically in all aspects of the game, out-rebounding the Warriors by 20, having 22 more points in the paint and 5 fewer turnovers. Curry and Thompson for the THIRD GAME IN A ROW had off nights, and the Love injury turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Cleveland, as Lebron switched on to Draymond Green and kept him in check. The bench unit for the Warriors again stepped up and at one point cut the Cleveland lead to 7, but the starters had done too much damage to overcome in this one.

So, the closest game in this series has been Game 1 when the Warriors “only” won by 26 points. This is insane. These are supposed to be the two best teams in the NBA all season. These are supposed to be the games that make the slog of the regular season worth it, as we get rewarded with amazing basketball. To be fair, we’ve seen one team play amazing every game. The problem is that there have been two teams on the court and we have yet to see this David and Goliath matchup that was promised.

Maybe tonight Steph Curry will finally wake up and have that Finals game everyone is waiting on. Maybe Klay Thompson will figure out that if all the Cavs’ defenders are going to run him off the 3 point line, he has the skills to drive to the rim. Maybe Lebron will repeat his triple double from the other night. Maybe Kyrie Irving will continue to make every three point shot he takes as he did on Wednesday night.

But for the love of all things basketball, can we please get something that entertains us for once? A game that doesn’t make us turn it off halfway through the 4th quarter. I was super excited for this series and everyone I know was too. We were all anticipating what should have been one of the most exciting series we’ve seen in a few years. At this point, we’ll settle for one exciting game to get it started.

And hey, if we get an exciting game and the Warriors come back to Oakland up 3-1 with a chance to close out on Monday, who is complaining?

Game 4 tips off at 6 PST tonight.