There is a lot that goes in to the psychological side of basketball. The Warriors finished up the Western Conference Finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder last night while the Cleveland Cavaliers cruised through the East. When one team goes through the fire and the other is walking on the clouds through their run, it seems as though the Cavs will have a wake up call at some point. Nothing will be handed to “The King” and nothing will be handed to the MVP. Team basketball will win the chip. Whoever can pull together as a team at a higher level will win.

In the regular season, the Dubs beat the Cavs in both games. The first match up was Christmas Day in Oakland and the Warriors pulled off a win 89-83. They then went to Cleveland on January 18th and destroyed the Cavs 132-98.

While the playoffs are an entirely different animal and things can easily go one way or the other, momentum being huge, they’re playing for history. Both teams. With that much on the line, both teams will fight tooth and nail to be able to hoist that trophy above their heads.

The Warriors will have home court advantage once again and they’ll need to defend it a bit better than they did against Oklahoma City to keep that advantage and not be playing under water to catch up. If they can do that, there’s no reason to believe that this incredibly deep team cannot repeat.

Game 1 is at 6:00pm PST at Oracle Arena tomorrow. Stay tuned for updates.


  1. […] …And that team we all know is the Golden State Warriors. A year after winning their first title since 1975, the Warriors have pretty much been favorites all year. Or they were, until Steph Curry got injured against the Houston Rockets in the first round of the NBA Playoffs. The rest of the “Strength In Numbers” team was able to breeze through Houston and Portland in Curry’s partial absence, largely in part to Klay Thompson being the best player in the entire playoffs. Oklahoma City proved to be a problem however, with the length of guys like Steven Adams and Kevin Durant, and the ferocity that Russell Westbrook plays with, and OKC took a 3-1 series lead. Almost miraculously the Warriors were able to come back from that deficit and sent Durantula and Westbrook packing on Memorial Day, and are now preparing to host Lebron and the Cavs as the King tries to “win one for the land.” The NBA Finals tip off tomorrow night at 6 in Oakland. Drew Kerr has a preview¬†here. […]