OAKLAND — Recently, Jerry West sung high praise for one of the Warriors newest members. Just a little over a month ago, the Golden State Warriors selected both Damian Jones (C) out of Vanderbilt and Patrick McCaw (F/G) out of UNLV. West informed the rest of the NBA that, “People are gonna be sorry that they didn’t draft McCaw”.

So far West has been right.

Currently, McCaw is tied for second most 3-pointers made for the Warriors in the NBA’s Summer League with 13. Only Ian Clark, current member of the Warriors, has made more with 16. McCaw is on pace to break that.

Last night, McCaw racked up 28-points, 3 steals, 2 rebounds, and 1 assist against the Raptors Summer League Team. He has been on fire!

McCaw is a player who has always prided himself on the defensive side of the ball but has also showcased his ability on offense not only in the NBA’s Summer League but at UNLV where he made a couple of big game winning shots. His most notable winning shot came against Nevada’s Wolf Pack as Marqueze Coleman made what appeared to be a game-winner, however … there was still enough time left on the clock for McCaw to dribble down court and shoot a long range shot to beat the buzzer as well as Nevada.

Outside of Philadelphia’s and the NBA’s most prestigious rookie, Ben Simmons, Patrick McCaw has been one of the league best rookies to date. Of course that all needs to carry over to the regular season and he will need to take what he is given with limited time off the bench but so far … McCaw has illustrated that he can play with the big dawgs.

Both the Damian Jones pick and Patrick McCaw bode very well for the Golden State Warriors future; especially with Adam Silver’s potential commitment to trying to break up “super teams”. It may be very difficult to keep all four superstars in Draymond Green, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and the leagues back to back MVP in Steph Curry. It may all come down to having to replace one of these four guys with another potential superstar, or at the very least a high producing role player.

In the past few years, the Warriors have built through the draft for the most part and have exceeded the standard of drafting. I do fully believe that they have hit two more homeruns with both these draft picks.

Check out the featured video above of last nights highlights.