Warriors add center Damian Jones and shooting guard Patrick McCaw in 2016...

Warriors add center Damian Jones and shooting guard Patrick McCaw in 2016 NBA Draft


OAKLAND — Vanderbilt and UNLV are well known for churning out quality NBA talent. They have great college basketball programs. Damian Jones was a stand out last season for the Commodores averaging 13.9 PPG, 6.9 TRB, 1.2 AST, and 1.6 BLK. He compares a lot to a player like Hassan Whiteside not only in size and stature but statistically in college. His style of play is similar as well.

It’s tough now to say whether the Warriors plan on keeping both Andrew Bogut and Festus Ezile with this selection or if Jones will spend time in Santa Cruz for his first year much like Kevon Looney did. A lot is contingent on whether or not Bogut or Ezile stay or go of course. Jones could very well still find room on the team should Anderson Varejão not return; which is the most probable scenario.

Jones could potentially supplant Ezile due to the fact that he provides better offense with similar defense.

The Pat McCaw selection makes it seem like the Warriors may not have a ton of faith in the remaining tread that Leandro Barbosa has left in his career. The Brazilian Blur has slowed down some from previous years but is still considered a savvy vet with Playoff and Finals experience. The Warriors are clearly trying to add depth behind Klay Thompson with this move though. McCaw’s averages last year were 14.7 PPG, 3.9 AST, 5.1 TRB,  and 2.1 3P.

At this point, without a roster being concrete for next season, anything is possible with either of these two draft picks.

Below are some highlights of each player and what they are bringing.