Twins lone All-Star Eduardo Nunez slides in to town in trade for...

Twins lone All-Star Eduardo Nunez slides in to town in trade for Giants Minor League pitching prospect


SAN FRANCISCO — This is a very interesting development for the Giants who have been slumping to score and also have had trouble with the bullpen and relief pitching. Nunez was the sole All Star representing Minnesota for the AL All-Star Team just a couple of weeks ago in San Diego. With Matt Duffy reported as beginning his rehab assignment, one can assume that Nunez is being brought here to shore up the third base position and bring a little bit of offense with him as well.

But what does this mean for Matt Duffy? What does it say about the injury he is recovering from? Is it more serious than what is being advertised by the Giants brass? On the surface, it would certainly appear so.

Nunez, who began his career with the Yankees in 2010, has had a relatively good season batting .296 (which would be the best average on the Giants right now), he has 110 hits, 49 runs, 12 homeruns, 47 runs batted in, and a league high 27 stolen bases. He has played shortstop, third base, and left field in his career so this gives the Giants some flexibility to some degree. When and if Matt Duffy returns, as well as Hunter Pence, they can afford to move Nunez out to left field and rotate Angel Pagan, Denard Span, and Gregor Blanco … or potentially trade one or more later on for some help in the bullpen.

If the Giants are to make a run at another World Series in yet again another even year, they will absolutely need to get some help not only in the closing pitcher department, because lets face it, Casilla is not the answer, then it might help to have some leverage and bargaining chips when the bottom barrel teams get in to selling mode.

The Giants don’t have a ton of time left to figure out a few more moves that might help them get in to position to make a run but Nunez certainly adds depth and flexibility.

Any variation of Span or Pagan (CF), Nunez (LF), Pence (RF), Posey (C), Duffy (3B), Belt (1B), Crawford (SS), and Panik (2B) almost seems unfair. But without pitching and relief from the bullpen in adverse situations, it all is pretty pointless.

I do like this move … a lot … like a lot, a lot, but the bottom line for the Giants is that they need pitching. I do believe that the starting rotation is solid enough though both Matt Cain and Jake Peavy have had their share of struggles. However, with that said, and in considering the mental aspect of pitching, it could bode well in having that much fire power offensively to back them up.

There are 60 games left in the season and with the Giants only leading the Dodgers by a couple of games in the NL West, there is still a lot to figure out and get right. Though the past couple weeks have been rough, there are some bright things, including this move for Nunez, on the horizon.

“Torture” has become part of Giants fans culture … so hang on and enjoy the ride even though things appear dumpy right now.

If you are unfamiliar with what Eduardo Nunez brings to the table, here is a little taste: