NAPA — While the Oakland Raiders condition and prepare for the season and are solely focused on playing and learning football, the front office is exploring options to build a new stadium and have a new home. One of the most recent developments came shortly after owners meetings in a proposed option to build a stadium in Las Vegas. Nevada currently has no professional teams in major sports but does have the demographic to support a pro team.

The league said they’d help with a certain portion of funding a build in Vegas. This could help push the reality of a move. While this certainly is not set in stone, the likelihood of it getting done grows stronger and stronger.

The Bay Area fans love this team with a passion and certainly do not want to see them leave. There is building plots in the east bay but to this point, nothing has been explored yet there. Like their counter part in the Bay Area, the San Francisco 49ers, the Raiders could wind up building in a city on the outskirts of Oakland. Should they explore this option, it ensures the same rabid fanbase and takes the guess work out of how long it would be to fill a new stadium in Las Vegas.

Earlier on SportsCenter today, Carolyn Goodman (mayor of Las Vegas) thinks the Raiders are a real possibility to move. The Raiders would receive $500M from the league toward a new building in the desert. A new stadium would seat approximately 65,000+ fans. Currently the O.Co seats 56,063. So a new stadium (no matter where it might be) is going to have the capacity to sit about another 10,000 fans.

Mark Davis has not brought anything formal as of yet which leads me to believe that he is still kicking the tires on all possibilities. A lot of research still needs to be done on how well the Raiders would be received in Nevada.

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