Should The Indianapolis Colts Hit The Panic Button?

Should The Indianapolis Colts Hit The Panic Button?


Indianapolis, Indiana — The Indianapolis Colts started their season last week against the Buffalo Bills, the Colts allowed the Bills to rack up 342 total yards, 195 passing and 147 rushing. The Colts offense committed 3 turnovers, 2 interceptions and 1 fumble, while forcing 0 turnovers. The offensive line was getting over powered the entire game which led to Andrew Luck getting sacked twice. The Bills proved to be too much for the Colts beating them 27-14.

This week the Colts played their first home game of the season against the New York Jets. The Colts were determined to get a win to make up for their week 1 loss. The Colts first possession was a disaster, on 2nd and 18 the Jets defensive line pressured Andrew Luck which caused him to throw an interception to Calvin Pryor, who returned it 29 yards to the Indianapolis 9 yard line. Ryan Fitzpatrick then threw a 6 yard pass to Eric Decker to put the Jets up 7-0.

The following drive the Colts drove the ball down to the Jets 11 yard line, when on 4th and 2 Adam Vinatieri missed a 29 yard field goal, the first time he has missed a field goal under 30 yards since the 2007 season.

The Jets never looked back, they forced 5 turnovers against the Colts, Andrew Luck threw 3 interceptions and lost a fumble and Frank Gore lost a fumble at the goal line. Meanwhile the Colts only forced 1 turnover, an interception.

Once again, the Colts offensive line was dominated the whole game, Andrew Luck was constantly under pressure.

The Jets finished the game with 344 total yards of offense, only 1 yard more than the Colts. The Colts gave the Jets 4 first downs due to penalties. The Colts couldn’t finish their drives, going 0/2 in the redzone. The Jets won the game with a final score of 20-7.

In just two games, the Colts have a -7 turnover ratio. The Colts defense is allowing 343 offensive yards per game. The Colts have 16 penalties in their first two games.

In order for the Colts to turn their season around before it is too late, they are going to have to figure out a way to improve their defense, offensive line, and turnover ratio. Otherwise the Colts are in for a long season in which head coach Chuch Pagano could find himself without a job.

The Colts open division play this Sunday at the Tennessee Titans, who have improved from last season. A loss to the Titans this week would be detrimental to the Indianapolis Colts. How will they respond from an 0-2 start…