Sharks’ Hertl Changes Diet And Workout Regiment

Sharks’ Hertl Changes Diet And Workout Regiment


SAN JOSE — It might be the offseason if you are forced in to talking about diet’s and workout regiment. It is an important aspect of a professional athlete though. It isn’t discussed much because the relevancy of it is about as important to a fan as if they took a shower that day or not. It’s something we as fans just do not think about.

Tomas Hertl, the Sharks forward is entering his third season in the NHL and it’s taken him a couple seasons of getting knocked around the ice to realize that taking care of your body equals longevity in this sport. The Jeremy Roenick’s and Wayne Gretzy’s had similar mentalities when it came to prolonging their careers.

hertlHertl had the entire offseason to hit the weight room hard and change his diet enough to effect his body. He showed up to camp much leaner than before and a bit more shredded at 216. The 21-year old forward should be a bit more agile this season due to his hard work.

While injury kept him down most of the year last season, his rookie year was very promising as he scored 25 points. His sleek new look and physique can only help him regain form from his rookie season and expand on his offensive presence.

There will be a lot of players vying for as much playing time as possible. Time will tell if Hertl’s hard work this offseason will have paid off. He has certainly put himself in the best possible position not only physically, but mentally as well being that he missed time.