Putting In The Work – Championship Not Guaranteed For Dubs

Putting In The Work – Championship Not Guaranteed For Dubs


OAKLAND — Despite and in spite of landing one of the largest free agent signings the Bay Area has ever seen in Kevin Durant, the Golden State Warriors will still have to put in the work to even make the Finals. The people that are claiming that this thing will be automatic do not realize and understand just how much work and prep goes in to winning games… and more importantly the amount of chemistry that goes in to playing well in the playoffs.

There have been countless teams that have put together “all-star” caliber rosters that have fallen flat when it came down to it. Just ask Charles Barkley who ironically called out Kevin Durant for his decision to join to the Warriors in his quest for a ring for doing the same thing not once in his career but twice.

But that’s neither here or there … what people are ignoring is the amount of work it takes to win a Championship. The Warriors we exactly 4 points away from bringing in back to back trophies but fell short. They put in all the same amount of work the season previous to this one but just could not press enough to do it again. This just a testament to how hard it actually is regardless of who is on your roster.

It’s not a guarantee.

Adding Kevin Durant, without question, adds so much versatility to the offensive side of the ball but many people are ignoring the liability it leaves on defense. Coach Kerr and his assistants have their work cut out to get Durant to buy in on the defensive side of the ball where he is considered to not be very good.

Yes, there are a lot of players (i.e. Allen Iverson and Jermaine O’Neal) who have expressed interest and coming in to add depth to the Warriors already deep team to get rings that they did not get previously in their careers, but those are long shots. There are only so many spots.

Players, athletes are all human. They all have to put in the work to become great players both individually and as a team. There have been many great players that have fallen short of championships individually because it is a full team effort and it takes nearly everyone to even make the Finals let alone win them; as we saw in the 2015-2016 Season.

Time will tell on how this all shakes out and there are a few months before the preseason kicks off for the 2016-2017 Season. On paper, Golden State appears to at the very least be in the playoffs. But if the right amount of work and selling out is not put in, the almost certainly will not win another championship. And should they not, it would be easy for Durant to throw up the peace sign to the Bay Area and say he’s out.

No guts, no glory. And no work, no pay off. You can’t have chemistry without the work.