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Bryzgalov’s Goaltending Leaves Flyers in Distress

Iyla Bryzgalov’s goaltending performance has been poor as of late, leaving the Philadelphia Flyers in distress.

During off season, the Flyers concentrated a great deal of efforts to reassessment of their goaltending positions. They made it a point to find a player who would minimize the amount of goals let up and help lead the team to many victories, and ideally, the Stanley Cup Championships.

In June, Bryzgalov signed a nine-year, $51 million contract with the Flyers. Bryzgalov and fellow team members, however, have yet to see the positive outcome of this agreement. Thursday night marked the fourth straight loss for the Flyers so far this season, where they were defeated 9-8 by the Winnipeg Jets. To the team’s dismay, Bryzgalov let in four goals on a mere ten shots. For this season, however, this is not a rarity, as he has let in four or more goals in his last four games. The flyers are now 1-4-0. In his last four games alone, Byzgalov has let in eighteen goals.

Byzgalov, however, isn’t trying to shift the blame. He is greeting his poor performances head on, and admitting fault to NHL affiliates.

“I have zero confidence in myself right now,”

he asserted after Thursday night’s game. And can you blame him? The team’s record is a direct reflection of his performance. Teammates, however, aren’t so quick to assign blame. They claim that hockey is a team effort and not one person can be singled out for every single point, especially not the goalie. Everybody is responsible, they say.

Unfortunately, goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky hasn’t been performing any better. Starting Thursday night’s game resulted in something of a nightmare. He let in five goals on fifteen shots. Needless to say, coaches quickly pulled him off the ice.

The Flyers face off against the Carolina Hurricanes today, Saturday October 29th. Coach Peter Laviolette, the team, and fans hope that some changes will be made to the goaltending before the matchup. The team cannot afford to let up such a high number of goals the rest of the season.

The important thing is to have continual confidence in the players. The second they feel that the team is against them, they will lose confidence in themselves. Confidence loss is detrimental to game day performance. Hopefully Byzgalov has been assessing his prior games to provide a brag worthy performance tonight.

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