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Denver Broncos: Tim Tebow’s Legend Gets Bigger Every Week

Tim Tebow’s legend gets bigger every single week. The Denver Broncos were considered by everyone to be out of playoff contention after the team went 1-4 in the first five games. Since that time, however, the Broncos have turned over control of their offense to the enigma that is Tim Tebow.

Tebow won his first contest on a last ditch effort in Miami. He promptly went out and laid an egg against the Detroit Lions in his second start. The “experts” were out in force, saying that Tebow could never, ever lead an NFL offense anywhere other than into the toilet.

Since that devastating loss, head coach Jon Fox has gained admiration and well-deserved respect for his willingness to completely change the offense of the Broncos to suit the strengths of his quarterback.

Fox famously installed the “read-option” for Tim Tebow. This is an offense thought to be incapable of competing against NFL defenses. Tebow and fellow running mate, Willis McGahee are proving the world wrong.

In addition to the life Tebow has breathed into a dead offense, his spark has caught the fire of the Bronco’s defense, led by safety Brian Dawkins and Champ Bailey. You know what kind of leader Tebow is by the veteran support behind him.

Rookie Von Miller is also making a big impact on the Broncos, now posting 10.5 sacks this season.

The thing is, this team never had a will to be this good until Tim Tebow gave it to them. They were just as convinced as everyone else that they couldn’t win this season. Tebow has convinced his entire team to believe they can win right now.

Going all the way back to his freshman year at Florida, Tebow has been the spark that has inflamed many fires. His fervor for the NFL has been the spark that has fanned the flames of the Broncos, and even president John Elway is halfway on board.

I’m sure Elway wishes he had Andrew Luck coming into town next season, but he’d rather win. Tim Tebow is unconventional in every way, but he gets the job done.

The legend continues to grow, and where it stops, nobody knows.

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