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John Fox Made the Right Call Keeping Tim Tebow on the Bench

When things looked dire for the Denver Broncos Monday night against the Raiders, right on schedule were the cheers from the Bronco faithful to pull Kyle Orton in favor of Tim Tebow.

Fox chose to ignore the chants, and stuck with Orton. It was the smart decision; Orton is a better player, and gave them the best chance to win. The real problem with the Denver offense is how they couldn’t keep Raider’s pass rush at bay. Orton wasn’t necessairly playing well, but pulling Orton would have made the Tebow circus suffocate this team in the media all week

First of all, Brady Quinn was next in line to go into the game. Tebow is virtually the emergency quarterback.

Tim Tebow is right up there with Brett Favre as the most polarizing names in the sport. What Broncos fans need to understand is, Tebow is just not ready. Is he a great leader? Yes. Is he a great humanatarian? Yes. Was he a great college quarterback? Yes. I can name a lot of people with the same attributes, and none of those attributes make you a better NFL quarterback. When Kamerion Wimbley is making a b-line for your chest when you’re trying to throw a deep out, I don’t care how nice of a guy you are – it’s not going to help you complete that pass.

The entire team knows that Orton is the better quarterback. It is the reason why Orton was never traded to Miami – it would have killed team morale. When you trade a better player for a few draft picks, you send a clear message that this team is not going to contend this year. There are worse quarterbacks in this league that have won Super Bowls, there is more to team success than quarterback play.

Bronco fans, be patient with Tebow. He may never be a starting NFL quarterback. In fact, he probably will never be a starting NFL quarterback. Asking for your head coach to put him in because of his college pedigree is only going to slit your own team.

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  1. [Censored].  Tebow has already started in NFL games and did every bit as good as Orton did.  Look at the stats.  And did you see the last preseason game????  Quinn did everything but piss in his pants.  Are you serious about thinking Quinn is better than Tebow??? LMFAO!!!!  Man, they’ll let anyone say anything in these articles, won’t they?  Orton had some good throws, but he had some REALLY bad ones, too.  Orton is NOT a leader….did you watch the same game I saw on TV???  Even the announcers were saying on that last series when they had to score twice in the last four minutes that Orton was not hustling the team like they should be…they looked bored.  People like you who keep bad mouthing Tebow are just showing how ignorant you really are.

    • Please watch the name-calling. It’s one thing to disagree but it’s another to start dropping the “idiot” label. As fans and journalists, everyone has different opinions. That’s what is great about sports.

      Drew Kerr
    • If you want to just talk about stats, lets go back to last year when he put up a ton of numbers with absolutely no running game to speak of. 

      Orton may not be the greatest leader in the world, but most of the players on that team prefer to have him in that Tebow. Brandon Lloyd said it was a relief when Orton was named starter.

      Perhaps if Denver had some kind of running game/ability to stop the run, or some protection Orton would have had a shot.

      Look, I’m not at Broncos practice everyday, but if Quinn is the #2, he’s going in in case Orton gets benched or injured. I have no idea if he is actually better, but John Fox has seen it all, and I would trust his judgement.  

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