Kings Best Player On the Trade Block?

Kings Best Player On the Trade Block?


SACRAMENTO, CA. — Say it ain’t so! Rumors sometimes become more than rumors. With a few of the Kings players already leaving in free agency, is it possible that DeMarcus Cousins, the Kings best player is on the trade block? Cousins has recently been rumored to be drawing interest from the Cleveland Cavs and the Boston Celtics. In the past couple of days since Kevin Durant’s announcement to head to Golden State, it seems as though some of the NBA’s other powerhouse teams, in trying to keep pace, have been looking around the league at their options.

Cousins could very well be the most talented center in all of the NBA. Should he join a team like the Cavaliers or Celtics, it would make for a strong case in a repeat scenario. And for the Celtics, it would make them a viable contender.

With the NBA salary cap increase, the powerhouse teams are getting stronger than we have ever seen before. It’s a classic case of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

Kings fans would be just as disappointed if Cousins were to leave (via trade) as Oklahoma City fans were to see Kevin Durant go. The small market teams just cannot hang in free agency. If Cousins were to leave, the Kings would go from a middle of the pack type of team, and one who had been getting better the past couple of seasons, right back down to the cellar.

From DeMarcus Cousins point of view, it would make more sense for him to go ring chase. It’s better for his brand to play in a bigger market. Sometimes it is about business and what would be best for the said individual in the long run. It doesn’t mean a player doesn’t appreciate the opportunity their original team gave them any less. It just means that you only get one chance at making the biggest impression for your legacy. One player cannot get things done by themselves. And if the Kings are afraid to splurge in free agency to bring in players that would give the Kings a shot at punching a ticket to the playoffs, why would he want to stay?

It’s a question that may be answered very soon.

In being objective, I would not knock Cousins if he left and I would not knock him for staying in hopes that the Kings might not make moves this season but the next when they’ll have a monumental amount of cap space to do so.

It would be nice to see the Kings return to relevancy but if the front office does not have a clear vision, like they seemingly do not, then why would anyone want to stay?