I try my best to keep this blog and website just about sports. While we do not have millions of followers yet I want to use this platform at my disposal to talk about the recent events in this country that have triggered more violence. What is going on in this country is quite sickening on both sides. If you felt good about the recent shootings of two black men who lost their lives, and their family members and friends losing a loved one, you are part of the problem. If you laughed about the retaliation of the police in Dallas, Texas who lost their lives, and their family members and friends losing a loved one, you are part of the problem.

Recently, on social media, specifically twitter, some athletes voiced their thoughts on the situations that have occurred. One of those people happened to be Colin Kaepernick who just a few years removed was the starting quarterback in a Super Bowl.

He had this to say:

While the wording is slightly over the top, it is how most African American’s currently feel in this country. We cannot and should not ignore that. They do not feel “safe”. They do not feel “protected” as American citizens. If the officers who are taking people away from their families are sworn to oath to protect and to serve, then why are these Americans fearful for their lives on routine traffic stops or even for minor offenses in which they do not possess a deadly weapon? Why are trained officers not able to detain these people without death or violence? It doesn’t make any sense. Not even a little bit.

I don’t know how long this has to go on before something even more terrible than what is currently going on occurs. We are not at war over seas with other countries, this is a civil war driven by the media to divide us (as races) to control us. How humans can be so cruel to other humans is just not the way to live. Most of us have friends of other races and nationalities with different cultural backgrounds. While that makes us unique, it does not make us different. We all bleed the same. We all die the same. We all suffer the same when someone close to us dies.

Caron Butler, who is currently an NBA Free Agent got to speak his mind on ESPN this morning with Rachel Nichols. In essence, he echoed all these same sentiments. His message boiled down to one thing…

He ended is message with the hashtag ALL LIVES MATTER. And they do. Not one single persons life is more or less valuable than the next persons. We all look different, yes. But we breath the same air. We are all American’s and it doesn’t matter how your ancestors immigrated here. We live in this moment. We have choices right now that dictate our lives forever. Your influence is what you let it to be. You can live your life with respect for your fellow human or you can live it disrespectfully toward one and other. This applies to everyone. Not one single person is immune to this. If you are a Black man, a Mexican man, a White man, or an Asian man and are a civilian you can respect an officer when you get pulled over or questioned. You do not have to address things with aggression or with confrontation. If you are a Black police officer, a Mexican police officer, a White police officer, or an Asian police officer, it goes the other way too … while you have a job to do, you can still do it effectively with respect to your fellow human. 

I am of the opinion that MOST police officers do their jobs with a certain level of respect. But it is a dangerous job. It comes with risk everyday in the fact that they may not make it home that night. They put their lives on the line to keep us safe from real threats and danger.

Several officers died yesterday evening in Dallas when a sniper opened fire and killed and injured 11 officers, 11 human beings that are either in the hospital severely injured or dead and did not get to go home to their families that evening. And never will again. It’s not the person who died that suffers in this scenario. It is the potential hundreds of family members and friends that feel this pain. 

This is a vicious cycle that effects thousands and thousands of American’s; thousands and thousands of human beings. While I am not directly connected to any of the people who lost their lives, or are losing their lives I still feel pain. My heart still bleeds for both sides. For all wrongful deaths. That is the human in me. That is the compassion for my neighbor.

Former NBA star, Glen Davis happened to know one of the victims, Alton Sterling and is attending a memorial today for his friend that lost his life in another senseless murder that could have been prevented had both parties involved put respect in front of their actions. He is not using violence to retaliate even though this was clearly wrong. He is using his voice to speak on the topic which is what we all should be doing. There is no reason for anyone to use violence to solve the issues that are clearly at the forefront of this civil war we are currently living in this country.

This tweet includes video of the entire incident which clearly shows that the police officers point blank murdered Alton Sterling. This was not a justified shooting. They had his arms restrained. He had no weapon. He was not a threat. Not enough to warrant a death sentence regardless if he resisted or not. Sometimes it is necessary for officers to have to draw their guns and in rare instances should be forced to use them. This was not one of those cases.

I want to make one thing clear here… I support police officers fully; the good ones that do their jobs the way they are supposed to and arrest real criminals that deserve to be arrested to keep regular everyday American’s as safe as possible. I also have several friends who happen to be African American who I would take a bullet for. Who when I am with or around them, do not see the pigment of their skin but the content of who they are as a human being. They are great people with good hearts and even greater spirits.

There are good and bad people in all walks of life. But color of skin should never be a reason to die or to kill. I have seen a lot of different perspectives on this topic and shameful events. There is a lot of anger on both sides. Anger will only lead to more violence. The most powerful tool a person has is their mind… It’s time we ALL start using them.