SANTA CLARA, CA. — This is a highly unlikely scenario but – what if? With an open quarterback competition and in Chip Kelly’s first year, is it totally unthinkable to imagine that someone not in the forefront or conversation of the 49ers quarterback competition winning the starting job? After all, it was just a few years ago that the 49ers division rival had all but named Matt Flynn their Week 1 starter and then low and behold, Russell Wilson made it virtually impossible for the Seahawks to go that route.

While using the scenario of Russell Wilson’s a few years ago, I do want to temper the expectations by stating that there was a difference of 3 rounds between Driskel and Wilson and Wilson mostly slipped due to his lack of size; which Driskel doesnt lack in. But Wilson and Driskel’s situations were similar at the college level. They both played for two colleges and they both were considered to be “dual-threat”.

Both Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick did better than Driskel statistically in college but sometimes players peak at different times. Tom Brady for instance, while at Michigan, wasn’t exactly the quarterback then as he was when he took over for Drew Bledsoe.

The point of this article is for people to open their minds to the outside possibility. After all, if it were to be Driskel who emerged over both Kap and Gabbert, it could unite a fanbase who has been very split down the middle on who they would like to see behind center.

Driskel was the 49ers 6th round draft choice in the 2016 Draft (207th overall). Just 8 draft slots below where Tom Brady was drafted by the New England Patriots.

Below, I will provide Jeff Driskel’s statistics at Florida and Louisiana Tech as well as a highlight reel of what he brings…

Driskel stats