SANTA CLARA, CA. — At 26-years old, Anthony Davis could have a lot of his career still in front of him. A lot of Niners fans have questioned his loyalty to the team due to his sudden retirement in trying to heal his brain that was concussed often the previous season. I personally fall in to the category of understanding his decision.

Now that he has filed for reinstatement with both the NFL and the 49ers, it’s tough to say what kind of player he would be with a year off. We do not know what kind of shape he is currently in as well. With that said, should Davis come back and should he return to the level of play he was playing at the season before his decision to hang it up, this could bode very well for the organization and specifically the offensive line.

Erik Pears seemingly was not a very good answer out there on the edge last season for the Niners and ultimately lost his job to 7th round draft pick rookie, Trent Brown. Brown was getting better toward the end of the season but was still a liability at times.

Davis, in his 4 seasons for the Niners was becoming one of the best right tackles in the NFL. He was a huge piece of the offensive line that was dominant all the way up to the Super Bowl. In some people’s minds, and statistically, he was on his way to becoming a Pro Bowl caliber type player at his respective position.

So if he does in fact stay with the 49ers and if he does in fact return to form, what does this mean for the offensive line moving forward?

The presumed starters should this happen would most likely be perennial Pro Bowler, Joe Staley, one time Pro Bowler Zane Beadles, fully healed center Daniel Kilgore, rookie first rounder Joshua Garnett out of Stanford, and the former 11th overall pick in 2010 Anthony Davis. So Staley (LT), Beadles (LG), Kilgore (C), Joshua Garnett (RG), and Davis (RT).

Top from left to right: Joe Staley (Left Tackle), Anthony Davis (RIght Tackle). Bottom from left to right: Zane Beadles (Left Guard), Daniel KIlgore (Center), and Joshua Garnett (Right Guard).
Top from left to right: Joe Staley (Left Tackle), Anthony Davis (Right Tackle). Bottom from left to right: Zane Beadles (Left Guard), Daniel Kilgore (Center), and Joshua Garnett (Right Guard).

Now, I’m not one to make egregious predictions but on paper, it seems like that could potentially pan out to being a Top 5 offensive line in the NFL. This would allow all the skilled positions to do their jobs the way they are meant to do them and do them efficiently.

It sounds like Davis is very excited to return to football. It’s a little tough to say how he will be received in the locker room but I would imagine that if he can help the 49ers win football games, then all else doesn’t matter. I mean, that’s what it is all about, right?

So if you are one of the bitter fans who do not respect Anthony Davis, that is your prerogative but if he is a piece that leverages this team against the opponent, you’ll at the least be forced to respect that. I ask that you keep an open mind to his return … at the end of the day, wins are all that matters. That, and winning a 6th Super Bowl.