Fantasy Triage; Tourniquet Please

Fantasy Triage; Tourniquet Please


Stop the presses? How about stop the bleeding?! You might have heard there was an outbreak of the injury bug sweeping through the NFL. Quarterbacks seemed to be the most susceptible to this air born pathogen. Unfortunately for these QB’s it wasn’t exactly air born. It cameth by land. With the force of a Mac Truck but in the form of a defensive foe.

Week 2 saw the likes of Tony Romo laying shattered on the turf in Philadelphia, rumors of Drew Brees golden arm damaged where it connects to his torso (shoulder) and Jay Cutler with a blown hammy that brings Jimmy “Dean” Clausen under center in Chicago.

Dallas made a move to bring in the well traveled Matt Cassel who couldn’t run with the Bills (or Tyrod Taylor) and was consequently released by Buffalo. While Brandon Weeden is expected to start in Week 3 look for Cassel to quickly move to the top of the damaged QB food chain in Big D.

Down on the Bayou we can only guess that the Saints are praying Brees bruised shoulder is only surface deep. Were he not able to go the franchise would be in the hands of, yeah you guessed it…Luke McCown!! He would be bringing his career 9 TD’s and 14 INT’s to strike fear into the New Orleans Saints’ opponents.

Jay Cutler is indeed out for what appears to be at least a couple of weeks. Two games that will leave the early season fate of the Chicago Bears resting on the shoulders of Jimmy Clausen who will try and salvage any momentum the Bears had going. Nothing stops a 2 game Seattle Skid like a case of the Clausens.

Other Week 2 injuries of note:

Green Bay had a pair of bum wheels come out of their Week two win over Seattle. RB Eddie Lacy and WR Davante Adams suffer mild ankle sprains. Both of them become sketchy starts on Monday Night Football against the Kansas City Chiefs. I’d be paying attention here as James Starks could get the majority of the carries and Adams could be ineffective in general.

New York Jets WR Eric Decker has suffered what is believed to be a PCL injury which only opens the floodgates even further for Brandon Marshall to continue his dominance.

Two starting TE’s also went down in Week 2, Jason Witten and Austin Seferian-Jenkins. While Witten has a couple bum ankles and a banged up knee he should make a return before Seferian-Jenkins. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers TE1 came up with a shoulder strain that will likely keep him off the field for 4-6 weeks.

If you came out of this week unscathed consider yourself fortunate but we can all learn a lesson here. Pay attention to your starter’s backups, watch the waiver wire like a hangry hawk, and hope, just HOPE Week 3 is more kind to ALL NFL players than the melee that occurred in Week 2. Tune in next week to find out if Aaron Rodgers arm falls off in Lambeau or if Marshawn Lynch spontaneously combusts in the huddle.