Derek Carr chimed in on Kevin Durant’s decision opposing Stephen A.’s rant

Derek Carr chimed in on Kevin Durant’s decision opposing Stephen A.’s rant


OAKLAND — Everyone and their brother had an opinion on Durant’s decision to leave the small market Oklahoma City Thunder for not only greener pastures but for a solid shot at a title chase with the Golden State Warriors. While some in the media, specifically Charles Barkley of NBA on TNT and Stephen A. Smith of ESPN’s morning show First Take, opposed Durant’s decision to join an already stacked team with three all-stars in Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and the back to back MVP Stephen Curry. Others, such as the Raiders Derek Carr were on board with Durant’s decision.

Carr had these few tweets on his Twitter account in regards to the decision:

derek carr tweet

I tend to agree with Carr in terms of the amount of hate that Durant got for making what would not only be a great decision for his career and pocket book but for his family as well. The Bay Area is a great place to live; and this coming from someone who has lived both in Oklahoma City and the Bay Area … there’s no place I would rather live. And now Momma Durant will be able to soak up the rays and dig her toes in to the sand on the daily as well. One more perk … no tornadoes. Yes, there are earthquakes but the big ones do not happen annually unlike tornadoes. Regardless, California is just … better.

It is great to see so much support of Bay Area players in different sports for one and other. Friends of Durant’s such as the San Francisco Giants, Hunter Pence and the San Francisco 49ers, Navorro Bowman (Durant’s very good friend) all chimed in on their support of Durant in moving to the Bay.

Championships are not automatic and they’re not rigged. We have seen stacked teams lose before. It is not out of the realm of possibility that the Warriors do not even make the Finals as well … Same goes for the reigning Champion, Cavs and LeBron James. We saw that when he went to Miami.

I am sure there will be more moves this NBA offseason and I am sure along with those moves will come both criticism and praise for their decisions … because that’s just the way it goes. One thing I cannot agree with is when blowhards, such as Stephen A. Smith, who in my opinion is one of the most obnoxious sports talking heads to ever do it, go in hard on a player for a personal decision that they make not only for the sport but in their personal lives as if they were a fly on the wall listening to every minute detail. No, Stephen A., just … no. Your buddy Skip Bayless just did the same thing for himself in moving to another network and you sat there and sobbed and cried and gave him sentimental (or fake, couldn’t tell) hugs and kisses in his farewell to ESPN’s First Take (which by the way is a terrible show; mainly because you’re on it). In your own words, “It’s so disrespectful!”.

Athletes like Derek Carr, Hunter Pence, and Navorro Bowman, more than the pundits, understand making decisions when the time comes to do so. It’s easy to sit up in a cozy chair sipping your hot $7 cups of coffee in front of a camera criticizing a man for doing what is best for himself and his family when you aren’t the one that has to make that decision based on several factors. It’s really quite pathetic to be frank. No, it’s scummy. People like Stephen A. Smith are the bottom feeders of the world. There is no integrity in his inflammatory commentary.