Bay Area Teams Faltering

Bay Area Teams Faltering


If you talk to a baseball fan from the Bay Area recently, they may direct the conversation in almost any other direction than the current state of their team. This is because things have not gone great for either the Giants or the A’s recently.

A’s fans have been dealing with a mediocre at best team all year, but Oakland has really faltered as of late, dropping their last five in a row, and only winning five games all of August. To add to this,¬†they again tested their fan base by trading away major league talent Josh Reddick for a few minor league pitchers that may develop into major leaguers, but only time will tell.

Giants fans were very cocky going into the All Star Break and with good reason; the Giants had the best record in baseball with a comfortable six game lead over the hated Los Angeles Dodgers and it’s an even year. Any Giants fan will tell you, even year means championship.

Since the Break however, reality has set in at 24 Willie Mays Plaza and the Giants are realizing it will actually take winning games to get to October. The Giants are 10-21 since the All Star Break, which is the worst record in the majors in that time span.

They attempted to bring in some pitching to help get them out of the mess but while Matt Moore has been a decent starter, Will Smith has been terrible in a bullpen that desperately needs help. Yesterday Matt Cain hit the DL for the 3rd time this season, and it may be time for the Giants to start thinking about the end for him.

Despite their terrible play however, the Giants are only a half game behind the Dodgers now for the division and have the top wild card spot still.

Oakland doesn’t have much to play for at this point. They’ll finish out August and then possibly make some call ups in September when the rosters expand to 40 slots.

The silver lining at this point? It can’t get much worse for either team.