Joe Panik makes the glove toss.

Yankee Stadium, New York NY — In dropping their first of three games against the Yankees (2-3) Friday night the San Francisco Giants have a new season high losing streak. And it couldn’t have come at a better time. Let’s face it, they overachieved just a tad in the first half. Not that they aren’t the best team in baseball, but when you are missing key pieces all across the board and blow that many late game leads it’s almost miraculous they hadn’t sputtered at times. So maybe this was a good time to falter. Help is on the way and (please God tell me it’s true) the team is looking to bring in help on the back end. Sergio Romo is back in full force however, the basket case formerly known as Santiago Casilla looks like Wild Thing from Major League – before the glasses.

Quite frankly it’s time to Panik. It’s also time to Pence but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Duffman is also welcome to get back on the field. With these three guys, even though Duffy and Panik weren’t exactly the same two guys Giants’ fans are accustomed to seeing at the plate, the lineup and defense have an immensely higher ceiling.

Panik is cleared to play, though the team is “easing” him back. We are still likely to see the 2014 World Series Hero against the Yanks this series since he hails from New York. With many friends and family in the stands it might encourage Bochy to get Joe Panik on the field and that is not a bad thing in my opinion.

Pence and Duffy are a different story. Pence who hit a HR in his first rehab game back Monday also has doubled but seemed to incur a small setback. It supposedly isn’t anything physical so only time will tell. The more time the better when it comes to hamstrings and a little more rest might benefit Pence although I’m sure the ball club will benefit more when he is back in the lineup.

Duffy, who is nursing a sore achilles is near full strength and we could see him back in Orange & Black sooner than you think. Like Pence the training staff is making sure to do things at the right pace as an achilles (similarly to a hamstring) is an easy injury to agitate. Both of these guys will be back before you know it.

So how can it ever be a good time to lose 6 games in a row you ask? Well, when you had the best record in baseball, were without 3 key position players as well as other pitchers, and have plenty of season left, that is how. We had no June Swoon this year which blew plenty of fans’ minds and with their body of work I don’t think anyone is too worried. Plus it’s an even year right?!

So buckle up Giants Fans, its gonna be a crazy second half. We haven’t seen the best this bunch has to offer but I’m sure you would agree, it’s time to Pence, or Duffy. Ok, It’s time to Panik!