Aldon Smith, Marijuana, and the NFL

Aldon Smith, Marijuana, and the NFL


A couple of days ago, Aldon Smith (current member of the Oakland Raiders) posted a video on social media suggesting that he was smoking a blunt. While you could not see his face, and the person in the video states that you could not see their face, you can hear a woman saying that he should not be doing that. This almost slams home that it was him.

Smith has been arrested a grand total of 5 times since entering in to the National Football League. He has showcased several times his lack of good judgement and this last incident, though not punishable by law, it perhaps at the top of the mountain in stupidity. You just don’t leave your fingerprints on the internet as a pro athlete like that.

The Raiders pass rusher is currently serving the second half of a year suspension in 2016 that carried over from last season. If the NFL finds that he did in fact violate the leagues substance abuse policy, Smith could very well be suspended indefinitely from the NFL much like Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns was for a marijuana offense.

With that said, I am not sure that from a social stand point that marijuana should be punishable by any sports leagues. The NHL does not even test for it and MLB only tests if they have probable cause to think a player is abusing the schedule 1 drug. The NBA does test for it but seemingly doesn’t have as strict rules as the NFL does. At some point, the laws about marijuana being legal for recreational use will most likely catch up with the rest of the world. If that is the case, then it will essentially be the same as alcohol in terms of as long as you are staying within the confines of what the laws state about it, that it should not be punishable by any sports league. After all, the NFL does not test for alcohol.

If you are a professional athlete, and one specifically who has had substance abuse problems, this type of thing should be the last thing on your mind. Aldon Smith is perhaps one of the dumbest athletes to ever step foot on the field. His potential was monumental. He had the most sacks in his first two seasons than any other player in pro football history. He could have got one of the largest contracts in history had he just kept his nose clean. But addiction is a disease … and Smith has that disease to the worst degree. It usually, not always, but usually takes someone hitting rock bottom before the actually realize their problem. Aldon clearly does not fully understand the magnitude of his problem and disease. It has not just been smoking a little weed for him. He has had several issues and alcohol related offenses in the past half decade.

Recently, Le’Veon Bell of the Pittsburgh Steelers is considered being suspended by the NFL for 4 games for missing a urine analysis test. With his previous suspension of a marijuana violation, he is in a similar boat as Aldon Smith in regards to stupidity. He has missed two now but swears that he will win his appeal… that’s obviously up for debate.

If you are making millions of dollars, and cannot control yourself, then you deserve to have everything you worked hard for to this point. At this juncture, and considering how many times Aldon Smith has made extremely poor decisions, it is time that the NFL looks at suspending him indefinitely. Five times is too many chances… its way beyond three strikes.

But ultimately, this is up to Roger ‘F├╝hrer’ Goodell … and being that it is up to him, if Smith is tested and tests dirty from this latest video of him that has surfaced, you can almost bet on him being black listed from the NFL.