Company Overview

The Hometown Fan launched on April 17th, 2011 serving as a platform where information can be read and discussed by fans of every team. THF’s sole purpose is to streamline sports stories and discussion to the fans without the flooding and saturation of inexperienced writing that other sites tend to do to get high traffic ratings. We, here at THF, feel that the same can be accomplished with quality over quantity.


Currently The Hometown Fan uses a few different programs for advertising. We are very open to giving companies and other sites exposure. We will entertain all advertising offers.

If you are interested in advertising on our website, please email: drew.kerr@thehometownfan.com/hometownfan or jason.mobbs@thehometownfan.com/hometownfan


The Hometown Fan is always looking for quality writers of all ages and for all genres. We are looking for the best of the best to provide the quality that a lot of sites lack. If you are interested in writing for THF, please use the email listed above and provide a writing sample. Growth with quality is extremely important to us, so we will be very careful with our selections moving forward.


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There is a zero tolerance policy in the commenting section for personal attacks. Name-calling and explicit language will not be tolerated. Expulsions and suspensions will be taken on a case by case situation. We would like to provide an atmosphere that is friendly even in debate.