A Season of Greatness; Only Now It Begins

A Season of Greatness; Only Now It Begins

Warriors quest for 73 only prepares them for what lies ahead.


ROARACLE, CA — With just one game left before the Golden State Warriors can cement themselves yet again in a regular season accolade, so much lies ahead for this team to really be recognized for true greatness. Yes, they could take the mantle from the Bulls as the winningest team in a regular season, yet without completing the task (winning another title) could the Warriors be just another really good team? Not likely.

One could reference the 2007 New England Patriots who matched those champagne drinking ’72 Dolphins with an undefeated season, but fell shy of the legendary team’s mark by losing in Super Bowl XLII to the New York Giants. Now maybe inviting the Giants to their Super Bowl Victory Party during pre-game warm ups evoked the karmic, reap what you sow law of the universe upon themselves, a trap the extremely confident Warriors team isn’t likely to fall into. Maybe they fell complacent. Or maybe they got beat by a team that was simply better that day.

What then? What can keep this team from defeating the Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday evening at the raucous citadel known by (even some visiting teams) as ROARacle Arena? Could it be the Grizzlies will be the better team tonight? A team in the playoffs despite having one of the worst records in the league since the All-Star break. A team that Golden State beat by an astonishing 50, yes Five-Zero, early this season amidst their NBA Record 24 game win streak to start the season. Again, not likely.

Take not their level of confidence as a possible pit fall, but as the result of pure and utter domination. 72-9. A record against the best teams in the league of 11-2. So that means 7 losses against cellar dwellers and the not so elite. Hey, you don’t always have your best game but this illustrates how the Dubs rise to the occasion. Even the previous best team (as far as record) the vaunted Bulls of 95-96 lost 10 games and 2 of their last 4.

In essence, we are likely to witness the Warriors embracing each other in joy and relief when the last buzzer of the season sounds but they will be quick to point out that their quest for true greatness has only just begun. Without a display of endurance, teamwork and tenacity ending with the hoisting of another Larry O’Brien Trophy, I am fairly positive each member of Warriors will say it was all for naught.

After last year’s Championship run, and this year’s season of dominance the Golden State Warriors are willing themselves into the record books. Draymond and Steph have one thing in mind for this team of Warriors, and that is bringing Back to Back NBA Titles to Oakland. The biggest test, a successful playoff run, all begins where hopefully 73 ends. A playoffs in which they have plucked home court advantage from the clutches of every other team in the league.

So for tonight, sites are set on a record but their focus remains on completing what they started 81 games prior.  The road to history will be complete if they do what they have done 72 other times already this historic season. You might think greatness has already been personified in this scrappy group of players who will, when all is said and done, have left their mark on history. That is, until they make it again. Their legacy though, that is something that is still being written every game they play, including tonight against the Memphis Grizzlies with the whole world watching as they attempt to do something no team has ever done. 73 wins. The road to basketball greatness has already begun let’s see where it leads the Golden State Warriors after all is said and done. Tonight though, history is theirs for the taking.