2016 NBA Finals Game 6: Do or Die for Cavs, A Chance...

2016 NBA Finals Game 6: Do or Die for Cavs, A Chance to Repeat for the Warriors


CLEVELAND — Game 5 was always going to be a steep climb without Draymond Green. Now the Warriors are faced with the challenge of not having their main big man in Andrew Bogut. With that said, should the Warriors decide to go with their “Death Lineup” (Green, Iguodala, Barnes, Thompson, and Curry) they have a great chance at not only wearing the Cavs down but coming out with another celebration midcourt in Cleveland.

The “Death Lineup” has been used once for an extended period of time in this series and it worked out well (in Cleveland). This will basically force the Cavs out of their comfort zone. But the Warriors will still have to be perfect not only in fundamentals but not turning it over. They’ll also sacrifice rebounding by using the smaller lineup. It’s a double edged sword but one that could potentially put the final nail in the proverbial coffin for the Cavs.

The Warriors won on enemy territory in last years Finals and has confidence in the fact that they can win on Cleveland’s court… as they did just two games ago moving the series to 3-1.

It’s never over until it’s over but Golden State has two chances to win a single game. Their 90th win would tack on to yet another record for most wins in a single season. No team in the 2016 season has been able to win three straight against the defending champs but if there is one team capable, it is seemingly this Cavs team. The odds are still stacked in Golden State’s favor, however they cannot afford to get sloppy and will have to bring at least one of their A-games to close this thing out.

It will most likely be a battle but as Klay Thompson said yesterday, it’s like a game of chess. One team can catch fire one game and the very next game the other team can.

*The Death Lineup is plus 3.3 points per 100 possessions. This specific lineup has been used a total of 101-minutes in 15 total games. 110.1 points per 100 possessions. The one caveat has been on defense where they’ve also given up 106.8 points per 100 possessions.