2015 All-Star Game Recap

2015 All-Star Game Recap


Well, that was fun! If you like points, fast breaks, and no defense; then the 2015 All-Star Game might have been your favorite game ever. Talk about action and plenty of it. The two teams combined for a record 321 points in a 163-158 Western Conference win; without overtime!

Once again, the theme of the day was offense, offense, and more offense. I don’t know how many plays were designed by the head coaches of either team. Steve Kerr from the Golden State Warriors coached the Western squad, and Mike Budenholzer from the Atlanta Hawks coached the Eastern Conference team.

With all due respect, this game could have been played without coaches. Heck the players can manage themselves in terms of substitution and the referees are not really needed as no one gets close enough to someone on the other team to have a foul called.

Sure the fans love it, and it’s probably really good for ratings as the national television audience has no real desire to watch isolation sets either. But some defense and intent to play a regular game would be refreshing.

Though with such high flyers as LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Kyrie Irving and others, it’s probably best to let the thoroughbreds run free and showcase what the rest of us only dream we can do.

Speaking of Westbrook, have a game will you! He poured in 41 points on 16-28 shooting in route to game MVP honors. On display were his high-flying, power dunks that leaves the backboard shaking.

James Harden chipped in 29 points for the Western Conference team, followed by LaMarcus Aldridge who had 18 points. Stephen Curry had 15 points representing the Warriors on the West squad, while Klay Thompson had 7 points.

The Eastern Conference were lead by LeBron who had 30 points, and passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar into second place on the career scoring list for the All-Star games. LeBron now has 248 points in his career for the ASG.

Kyle Korver added 21 points and John Wall ended up with 19 for the Eastern Conference team. There were no technical fouls, and no flagrant fouls by either team; no surprise there. There were only nine fouls combined by both teams that were called in the game.

Some really cool moments in the game were when the Gasol brothers tipped off against each other for the opening tip of the ballgame, Stephen Curry went between his legs then threw an alley-oop to Dirk Nowitzki, and when all five starters for the Atlanta Hawks were on the court at the same time for the East.

New York had the bright lights on at Madison Square Garden, and the best of best showed why they earn millions on the court, and why people buy their jerseys, buy their shoes; and genuinely want to be like the pros.

To be honest, I still like the Major League All-Star game best, because you can’t pitch half-way and survive, You have to pitch, otherwise there will 18 run innings each time.

But for pure fun, excitement, crowd-pleasing moments, and highlight reel plays; nothing beats the NBA All-Star Game.

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